Gutslit Mumbai, India

Gutslit is a brutal death grind band from Mumbai, India. Founded in 2007. The band has released one EP and a full length, titled ''Skewered in the Sewer'' on Ghastly Music (Japan) and Coyote Records (Russia)


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Track Name: Pustulated Phallic Enthrallment
With eroticism in her eyes and a hungry soul, she looked on that Phallic protrusion.
She loves it long, she loves it strong.
Covered in white redolent pores.

She likes it when they bleed, when it hurts him all the more.
She grabs it and makes them ooze the mucus all the more.

Puss filled Phallic, not meant for any doomed soul.
Even hated by the one blessed with it.
But she is the one who has a different captivation.

When blood and glop seems Enthralling Ever More.
Tongue out suck and gulp down your throat
Foul smell, rotten wounds, bloody blisters
Sweet redolent Pores,
Sweet redolent Pores

I wonder what Fetish, I wonder what amour.
To lick such a dick, to suck a mucus oozing pore

Enthrallment is stunning. Yet wonderful.
She will suck till the last drop, she will bite off the skin to create more.
She has learned to love. To bite when you like. To lick when the blood pours
She isn’t shy nor will she deny, her love for mucus, pores, sores, wounds and bloody poles

The cherry on the cake is her shit on the Cumming dick
Ultimately its all going to be sucked in.
Puss filled sight of divine
Orgasmic Sensuous Bliss Divine
Call it Fetish or Obsession
She will come for more

She will come for more
She will come for you
Till you cum, she will wait
And once you do, that will be the last
Last time you ever ejaculate.
Track Name: Offal Barter
Kneel down before me
Look up at me
You ain’t different from thee
A Mortal fucking being

Raped to divine, Forged for Fun, Hacked to Amaze
Open Torso, Hollow Skull, Nerves Wrecked
Hung Innards, Scooped Eyes, Stuffed Veins
Sliced Muscles, Pulled Tendons, Slashed Face

Brain poured into my wine
Blood splattered before I dine
Liver, Lungs, Spleen I find
Your Offals are but mine

Rectal pumped into
Your Arteries and your spine
Nerves combed out into a straight line

Wiping blood stains with tongue and sweat
At least use a live being for the task
Saliva dripping through the bleeding orifice
Snapping Jaws, your face is a toothless artefact

Engulfed in the beautiful stench
As I eviscerate
Pulling out...one offal at a time

A body, hollow left as a mould
Pulled out heart, lungs and bones
As he looks down on the meat
He can’t, but just shags out sperm

Dragged across the hall
Falling organs and blood
Peeled skin slipping, hair pulled by the clit

War is within when I rest
The slaughter knife on your chest
With smooth elegance as I glide
My knife through your spine
Broken beaten tortured fuck
Your Offal are but mine
Beaten Shattered Raped Your Offal are but mine
Track Name: Circumcised With A Chainsaw
Circumcised with a Chainsaw
Come to me for what ails you
I have a cure all it’s phenomenal
Lay down and put your faith in me
Remove the foreskin
Let’s use a chainsaw
You’ll feel a slight sting
No anaesthesia
Trust me I’m a doctor
You won’t miss it, it’s just skin
I adore genital mutilation
The bloody mess is intoxicating
When I hear your screams
I’ll know you’re enjoying it too
Perpetual slaughter, Just a little off the top
Now stay very still or I might cut too much
You might think a chainsaw is overdoing it
But it’s just the right device to mangle and slice
Voluntary sexual organ deformation, no turning back now
Track Name: Atrophic Cranial Disintegration
As fungus takes over
growing down the vertebrae
Amoeba flowing....in your veins
Coughing blood, choking on worms
Pests feasting....on your toes

Biting nails, exposing flesh
Walking in a pool of blood
Lying in but pain
Grave of maggots
Rotten putrescent
Spine pulled like a rubber band
Stretched to the brink
Fragile nervous system
All seems like a bunch of threads and knots

Time to liberate has finally come
Atrophic cranial disintegration
On your dead corpse I shall rise
As vile a rogue... You shall Die

Your mind only fears the torture
The pain felt when you’re alive
Nobody knows the eternal pleasure
Of mutilating a stalwart being

Her boobs never felt any warmer
With her blood pouring over them now
Slit throat, senseless motionless
Spine twisted hung on innards

Run now, let’s play toy train
You and me. You stop, I slash
Trail of Blood
You jump, I jump
I butcher, you scream
Hands cut, legs cut
Oh fuck...You’re limbless

A fist fight for all the glory he could seek.
It was all fun when he was fighting the weak
With every blow to the ribs, his name was born
Deep inside every muscle was torn
He thought he had fought them all, torn every muscle, broken every bone.
His heart wouldn't pound with any fear no more. His flesh wouldn't bleed anymore.
Scars glorified him, them bleeding got all the more interest.
He sported them with joy and boasted to be the strongest man
Like a razor through the flesh, he would make his enemies bleed.
They would cry of pain but his laughter, always louder than their screams.
Blood spat memories on every floor every ring. His bare knuckles seemed powerful than that of steel.

Everywhere I see, I see your body parts
Torn ligaments, pulled tendons, dangling bones
Riverside I sit with a cigar
Dreaming of a merciless killing
With a smooth blade
Slash every throat, cut every limb
Blood rains, red rivers, weeping earth, laughing villains
Fields of organs, crops of decay
Mountains of dead humans, pilled till Eclipse.
Track Name: Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard
Short knife tucked comfortably in my hand
I approach with precision and calm
Slice through the skin deep penetrate
Wrinkled brows sweating blood and pain

Skin opened with a smooth cut
Skull exposed covered with Blood
I lick the blood and savour the fluid
As I hack open the brain inside

Beautiful maze of grey cells
Oozing brain fluid over his face
Live long my friend, Cause I have just begun
To make your brain into a custard
I see the clot, the blood haemorrhage
It won’t hurt long, You won’t feel the pain
I shall bite it off if need be
Suck every single drop of blood

Scooped out ... In a deep sauce pan
Blood poured and cooked on slow flame
Coagulation, concentrated delicate
Brain mashed, nerves and entrails

Poured out, into moulds.....sweet tiny star shaped
Stuffed eyes in the middle....A surprise treat
Set overnight then remoulded stars
Track Name: Pulp Face
Fist fight, bare knuckles, steel rings, iron claws, jabbed in the face, smashed across the floor, rubbed in the ground, kicked in the mud, brain mashed, mixed in soil, fodder for the seeds, blood serves the water for the plants, Pulpy orange like face, pumpkin like body, all taken down with a blow, what might, what excellence, what amazing intense action, what a picturesque view, what capture and a painting of a bleeding half dead warrior
Fights are between two equals, for the greatest there is just a single blow. One touch and down on the ground, in the arena as the crowd cheers, glorifies the winner with innards of the fallen soul. Gladiators fear, animals wonder, a harmless looking human with no weapon, no claws, no fangs, no canines, ripping apart what comes across, killing each and every being. He doesn’t look to distinguish friends. He has none, so you’re safe. He finds you he will pull you in the ring. Blow after blow in your face he will pound. With hammer and fists and knuckles and steel.
Teeth fly like pop corns, blood pours like from a fire hose. Intestines worn like beads, eyes decorated like earrings, skin used to clean the floor, you’re face is nothing but a cigarette butt rubbed in ...
Killed sweetly with all love. Buried without effort. Grave dug with personalised touch. Exact size as you would need. Dug with your own body, skull shoved and limbs uprooted.
Let’s go... Next warrior please !
Track Name: Maze Of Entrails
Come now my child
Let’s go for a joy ride
Around slopes and valleys
Along rivers and streams
All flowing down the tract
Down your intestines

With walls filled with puss
and worms in a cluster
Feeding on the live flesh
Inside your feeble chest
Slowly down we go....
In your torso ... around thee

Through your mouth and throat
or through your nasal door
Lets go down the oesophagus
Right like a bolus would
In the acidic juices of your stomach
We float like meatballs It’s like a wave-pool

Bathing in sacred juices of digestion and burns
Sliding down the pancreas
We gonna twist and turn
Right in the transverse colour, into the intestines....
This is where I shall, building little home
With cute baby worms feasting on the inside
They play along the colours, in this maze world
My little angels they won’t do any harm
They will just suck a little of you at every dawn

As I see this beautiful world
Of blood everywhere...every wall
Drenched in oozing puss....
The sweet maze of entrails

Ulcers from inside as they burst
Letting it to heal is not what we do best
Contraction of Ileum and Jejunum
Colourful twisted Spleen and Rectum
You pass Stools of blood
Oops Sorry we couldn’t keep so much packed up
Beat yourself cause we ain’t going anywhere
Cut open your stomach and you’ll see there
The maze is twisted as my mind
We just feed, on your pain more than flesh
Eaten from within, you’ll feel every second
Slowly as we dig, deeper within

Your brain can’t but just feel the pain
The churning in your stomach deep within
We aren’t in a hurry ourselves
We have a lifetime of time to spend
The longer you live, it’s good for us
We shall give you company till you’re laid to rest
In your grave also we shall keep your trust
Along the twisted maze we shall feast

Your tomb marks just the beginning
an infection down everyone’s throat
The gut feeling in their stomach
It’s just us and they don’t just know
Track Name: Skewered In The Sewer
Stench filled drenches
Sweet bliss aromatic sight
These sewers are twisted
Lost deep within one’s mind
Arched, royal, mighty
Filled with all but shit
Now it’s time to..
Time for the Butcher’s Feast

With a long skewer in my (hand)
I shall start piercing
From your urethra to your chin
The sere goes deeper within
Through the spine, every vertebrae
Through the Torso and the Neck
As your blood trickles down
On the Iron Rod
It’s a call for feast for all the rotten and the damned
Hung across the walls, your feeble self
Feasted upon you shall be,
From outside and within

Peeled with my claws
Layer by Layer
As the blood trickles
The moment I savour
Your screams get louder
My excitement ... Greater
Wake up my dear friend,
“You’re Skewered in the Sewer”
Death you shall get
Not so soon, Not so quick
Your organs will be devoured
Some whole, some minced
Numbness is the last
Thing you’ll ever feel
Pain is the best friend,
Till death it shall be

Bleeding eyes, Punctured Lungs,
Torn Muscles, Marrow Dripping
Intestines Hanging, Organs Dangling
Is it Heaven that I’m in ?
The sight is soothing
Calming orgasmic
Blood filled sewers
Cartilaginous Choked drains
Skewered Bodies